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I'm Rhianna - a Leeds-based loud music enthusiast, pro tea drinker, red wine convert and award winning lifestyle blogger. I'm a chronic-oversharer who is currently saving for a house and a wedding, so I guess you could say I'm documenting my life experiences so the mid-20s-masses can learn from my mistakes. You're welcome, I guess.

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Rhianna Olivia is split into four main categories. Below are links to each:

Learning to save (when you're terrible at saving) is my money series. Over the past year I've transformed from being terrible with money, to being a super saver well on her way to saving for a house deposit and a wedding, and this is how I document that journey.

Where I've been and things I've done speaks for itself. This category is where you'll find travel content, foodie stuff, and general things I've been up to.

What I've read, watched, eaten and listened to lately is where you'll find my semi-frequent, round-up style posts around things I've been loving lately. The go-to place for book reviews, music I've been hooked on, my current Netflix binge obsessions and great recipes I've tried.

Think pieces is a place for me to get chatty. Anything considered a little more thought-led, and a little more personal, will be here.

If you'd prefer to just browse, you can find my latest posts below, or click on the 'blog' link above!