'ey up

I'm Rhianna - a Leeds-based loud music enthusiast, pro tea drinker, red wine convert and award winning lifestyle blogger. I'm a chronic-oversharer who is currently saving for a house and a wedding, so I guess you could say I'm documenting my life experiences so the mid-20s-masses can learn from my mistakes. You're welcome, I guess.

My story

When we first got engaged, I was certain I wanted a physical paper wedding planner, but BOY did I misjudge that. Keeping everything on paper would have been honestly impossible, so I created my own digital wedding planner through Notion to house everything. And I mean everything. Initial planning mood boards and dream supplier lists, our full guest list, the main wedding to-do list, table plan, wedding party details, wedding budget. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

And, to help other people planning their wedding, I've tweaked my digital wedding planner to perfection and made it a one-stop-shop, inclusive wedding planning tool for anyone to use with total ease.

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