hi, I'm rhianna!

I'm 26, and I'm born, raised and currently based in the wonderful city of Leeds. And, as a Leeds girl, I like my Yorkshire Tea strong (no sugar), my Strongbow ice-cold (unless it's summer, then lukewarm in a paper cup is just fine), and my chips covered in gravy.

By day, I'm a Marketing Exec for a small restaurant chain. My love of food and drink, especially Leeds' independent scene, feeds into both my 9-5 work life, blog life and home life. Outside of working and blogging, you'll either find me at home cooking and binge-watching Netflix, trying out the newest foodie opening, or at a gig somewhere!

RhiannaOlivia.com has been part of my life since 2014 (previously robowecop, for any OG readers out there) and it's taken many forms since then. What started out as a part-beauty, part-lifestyle blog has grown with me and become a space for me to document my life, good and bad, and help others out along the way.

I'm a chronic over-sharer - it's rare anything is off-limits when it comes to my content, and I'll attack any subject with brutal honesty and a healthy helping of my northern down-to-Earth attitude. I've been told people read my content because it's real, and I strive to make sure that never changes.

RhiannaOlivia.com is split into four main categories - where I've been and things I've done, my recommendation round-ups, think pieces, and my saving money series learning to save (when you're terrible at saving) - although there are a few extra bits sprinkled in here and there. (I'm currently saving for a house and planning a wedding, so there's also a lot of that around!)

Anyway, before I start rambling too much, I just wanted to say enjoy your time here and I hope you stick around! If you ever want a chat, come find me on Twitter and Instagram, too!