When we first got engaged, I was certain I wanted a physical paper wedding planner, but BOY did I misjudge that. Keeping everything on paper would have been honestly impossible, so I created my own digital wedding planner through Notion to house everything. And I mean everything. Initial planning mood boards and dream supplier lists, our full guest list, the main wedding to-do list, table plan, wedding party details, wedding budget, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

And, to help anyone planning a wedding, I’ve tweaked my digital wedding planner to perfection and made it a one-stop-shop, inclusive wedding planning tool for anyone to use with total ease.

Hi, I’m Rhianna and I married my husband (still fun to say!) in April 2023. I’m a serial-organiser who loves nothing more than a good plan, and I’ve been using Notion to plan my entire life for about 4 years.

When I first started planning our wedding, Notion was the obvious choice for me (after deciding that planning on paper was a complete no-go), so I got to work on creating a wedding planning hub that housed everything we needed.

From creating the digital wedding planner through to the big day, the planning hub I created changed a LOT. I removed things we didn’t need, and added a lot of things I didn’t think about in the early stages.

It is the very definition of tried and tested, by a real bride and groom who had never planned so much as a party before.

This has honestly changed the game with my wedding planning. It’s so organised, and everything is already there built for me. There’s so much in here I hadn’t thought of, and the bonus of being able to add/remove things to fully tailor to our day is perfect.

– Emma, 2024 bride

Thank you so much for this template! I just started filling it out today and it’s going to be SO helpful! Like a spreadsheet on steroids?

– Chloe, 2025 bride

I’ve never heard of Notion before buying this planner, and it’s changed my life. Not only has the planner itself made planning our wedding so much easier, but I now use Notion for all my other planning and work to-do lists!

– Tom, 2023 groom

The ultimate digital wedding planner is for you if…

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed at where to start with planning your day
  • You need tips from someone with experience in planning a wedding, who isn’t a professional wedding planner
  • You need somewhere you can keep all the important details in one place
  • You’re wanting to be able to plan on-the-go, with something easily accessible from your phone, desktop or tablet
  • You want the option to easily share the planning with your partner
  • You’re looking for something personalisable, that you can tailor to YOUR wedding

What does the ultimate digital wedding planner include?

  • A hub homepage, linking to all your major pages and showing any more immediate items on your to-do list at a glance
  • Initial planning tools, helping you keep track of and compare potential venues and suppliers
  • A full list of must-ask questions for any venue visits
  • A to-do that you can view as a list or as a month-by-month board, list pre-filled with almost 50 tasks, including top tips from me (who learned a lot of things the hard way)
  • A budget spreadsheet, already filled with most items you may want to include in your day
  • A guest list spreadsheet that you can narrow down by day guests, evening guests, RSVPs to chase and more with just one click
  • A table plan which pulls information straight from your guest list, so you don’t need to add details more than once
  • A contact sheet for your vendors, to share with anyone you need to so everyone knows who and how best to contact
  • A place to hold important documents so you can access them easily all from one place
  • Space to keep track of your wedding party – dress sizes, potential outfits and preferences on style, links to products you’ve seen, and more
  • A wedding day timeline, pre-filled with an example order-of-the-day so you know who needs to be where, and what is due to happen on the day. You are also able to share with your wedding party, and assign roles directly through Notion.

And, on top of all that, I have gone through and annotated the entire database with information for how to use the planner, top tips for how to get the most from your planning journey, and general advice we learned along the way.

Frequently asked questions

What if I’ve never used Notion before?

Don’t worry! Notion is super easy to use, and even if it’s completely new to you there are instructions for how to use every page and every step included in the planner.

How do I access the planner?

Once you’ve purchased, you’ll be directed to download a PDF file with a link to the planner and instructions for how to get set up. All you need is a Notion account, which is completely free to set up.