I’m excited for Leeds Festival and here’s why

I'm excited for Leeds Festival and here's why | rhianna olivia

Unless you’ve literally only just stumbled upon my blog, you will know I love festivals. They’re the highlight of my summer and I try my best to make it to as many as possible every year. And, even though it’s changed somewhat over the years, Leeds Festival is always the best way to end the season.

I’m not going to lie, this year isn’t my absolute favourite Leeds Fest lineup. But when you live so close to a festival and it’s become such a tradition to attend, it would be rude not to go? Besides, as much as the lineup is always one of the most important things to me, there are so many things about festivals that make me love them as much as I do.

So, seeing as Leeds Fest is my next festival and the last one for the year, here’s a little post about why I’m excited as heck for it and who I’m looking forward to seeing!

Not camping

Okay, so this may go against everything you stand for at a festival, but I hate camping. I absolutely hate it. And besides that, I’m not even allowed to camp because of my bad back. Which is great because it means I have a “genuine” excuse other than “I hate camping”. Because we live fairly close to the Leeds Fest site (about 20-30 mins on the shuttle from Leeds train station) it’s just so easy for us to go to and from home each night. And the shuttle bus at Leeds Fest is so organised and so cheap it just makes sense! Hello comfy bed and a shower every morning! (And it’s a lot cheaper for us than getting a hotel!)

It also means I won’t be able to forget half of my clothes like I did at Download this year

The headliners

Admittedly, Kasabian don’t really do anything for me. But Muse and Eminem DEFINITELY DO. Absolutely can’t wait to see them again, they’re both such phenomenal festival headliners and both of them would definitely be in the top 10 live bands I’ve seen. I’m just excited to try recite every word to Without Me by Eminem after a few beers! I can do it sober at least…


I'm excited for Leeds Festival and here's why | rhianna olivia

Girl power

Three of the bands I’m most excited to see are female led (or fully female) and I LOVE THAT. I’m so excited to see Haim again – especially after them pulling out last year and the A+ album they’ve just released. Then there’s Pvris. If you haven’t listened to them before you are seriously missing out. Lynn’s vocals are out of this world and they are so fantastic live! And finally, The Pretty Reckless. Admittedly I still haven’t listened to their new album because I’m a terrible person, but their first two albums are two of my fave albums and I can’t wait to see them again!

(Side note: I was super late to the party and only watched Gossip Girl for the first time a few years ago. My reaction was HOLY HELL TAYLOR MOMSEN LOOKS SO YOUNG AND NON-GOTH as opposed to the GG fans who saw TPR and thought HOLY HELL LITTLE J IS IN A BAND!)

Singing along with thousands of people

Is there any better feeling than singing along to your favourite bands, surrounded by friends, beer in hand, with thousands of people all feeling the same ultimate happiness? Short answer: no. It’s the single greatest feeling in the entire world.

Seeing bands you love for the first time

I love how many new bands I come away loving after festivals. I also love how it gives you the chance to see bands you love who might not tour much, or who might not tour near you very often, or you just haven’t had the chance to see yet. This year I’m especially excited to finally see Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Breaking Benjamin. Breaking Benjamin especially. I first fell in love with Breaking Benjamin when Joe and I were first dating when we were 15 and, almost 10 years later, I STILL haven’t managed to see them. Gonna shamelessly lose my shit to The Diary Of Jane.

Fizzy Blood

These guys deserve their own section in this blog post to be honest. I hadn’t actually heard of Fizzy Blood before Joe and I decided to go see them to kill some time at Download this year. Turns out they’re a local band, based in Leeds, and honestly they are SO great. It’s rare I find a smaller band who have so much potential, so much talent and who you just know are gonna go really far. They’re such a talented bunch and I can’t wait to see them again!

Also, we ended up chatting to one of the band member’s Mum at the RIP bar at Download. Joy is great and she literally made my Sunday. We took a selfie. Another reason to love festivals is definitely the people you meet. Hi Joy if you’re reading this <3

(That’s Joy to the right. She’s a total babe.)

I'm excited for Leeds Festival and here's why | rhianna olivia

Festival food and drink

Is there anything better than a slightly warm pint and a big, fat festival burger? I don’t think so. I actually really love how good festival food has gotten over the last few years. It’s not long ago you could choose between a shit burger, a pulled pork baguette and maybe some chips. Now? Now they’re like giant street food markets and the choice is SO difficult!

(Also, nothing better than cracking a can of cider open on the bus to the festival at 10am am I right??)

Billy Talent

Billy Talent also deserve their own section because Billy Talent. One of my all time favourite bands and one of the only bands who I genuinely miss as soon as they step off stage. I swear you will struggle to find a band who are as fantastic live. They just light this fire in me whenever I see them and I AM SO EXCITED. Please listen to them if you haven’t already please and ta.

Ending summer and the festival season in the best way

With Leeds Fest being on the August bank holiday weekend, it’s always the last festival of the summer I attend. And, with British weather being the way it is, it’s usually a final hurrah for Summer as well. It’s the absolute perfect way to say goodbye to both of those things and boy am I excited to be back in those fields.

Are you going to Leeds Fest this year? Who are you most excited to see? You can still pick up tickets on their website here!



  1. 25th July 2017 / 1:11 pm

    Ahhh I do love Leeds fest! I only do the day, as I too HATE camping! I am super excited to go!

  2. 24th July 2017 / 11:48 am

    Is it really bad that I’ve never been to a festival before?! I think it’s the camping that really puts me off – very handy that Leeds festival is very close to you x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  3. 24th July 2017 / 9:49 am

    I love how close we live to Leeds fest and how easy it is to get there! Gutted that we are away this year so won’t be able to make it x
    Sophie Cliff