Sunday at Download Festival 2015: Vlog

sunday at download festival 2015 | robowecop

Today is a sad day. Today marks my last Download Festival 2015 vlog! That means you all have to wait a whole year until the next ones! And I have to wait a whole year to be there again! *sobs*

But, fret not, because Sunday was a belter. Whilst writing this, I haven’t yet finished editing the vlog yet and I have just found out I managed to film over 20 minutes of footage JUST from Kiss’ set! No wonder my ipod was shouting at me telling me I was running low on storage space haha!

Sunday saw us seeing Three Days Grace (a personal favourite of mine), Tremonti, Billy Idol, Slash, Motley Crue, Kiss and probably some others that I’ve forgotten about! We didn’t arrive until later than usual partly because my back was really hurting so we decided to have a bit of a lie in and less time stood up at the festival and then also because there wasn’t really anyone we were SUPER interested in seeing earlier on.

So, here’s the vlog! I hope I managed to cut down on the Kiss footage enough and enjoy! You can watch my Friday vlog here and my Saturday vlog here.

Were you at Download Festival this year? Who was your favourite act? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget, you can find me in all these places too! 

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