A mammoth Homesense wishlist

A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia

This post was written in collaboration with Homesense

Something you may or may not know about me is that I’m obsessed with homewares. Like, completely obsessed. Some of my happiest moments were doing *the* IKEA shop before moving into a new uni house, and when Joe and I move out I will no doubt be going mad on the ol’ homeware shopping. (Which, by the way, is HOPEFULLY not too long away – can I get a hell yeah??)

So, anyway, a Homesense store opened about a 10 minute walk from my house a few weeks ago and it’s like a dream come true. Not for my bank balance, though. Oops.

And what’s even more exciting? I don’t even live in the city centre. I don’t live anywhere near a massive retail park. I live in GUISELEY. One of their (small-ish, but actually really good) retail parks just got a flipping Homesense and I’m losing my shit.

Naturally, I took a trip to the new store as soon as it opened and I’ve put together a little (read: long) wishlist of everything I’d buy if 1. I had more money and 2. we had our own place. You’re welcome, all you homeware obsessives out there. You’re welcome.

All the fake flowers in the land

A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia
A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia

Okay, so I only jumped on the fake flowers and leaves bandwagon recently. (And all mine are, rather conveniently, from Homesense – as I mentioned in my recent post about the blog props you need in your life! *plugplugplug*) They’re great, especially for bloggers, because they don’t die. So I guess they’re also great for people who are terrible at keeping house plants alive…

There’s a few things about the Homesense selection I love. Firstly, there are LOADS of them. Seriously – so much choice it’s amazing! Secondly, they’re all within budget. I bought some big white hydrangeas and some eucalyptus and they were all under £3. Lastly, they all look real?? I’ve not come across many fake flowers that actually look real, especially not for the price!

Soft furnishings galore

A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia
A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia

Does anyone else have an obsession with cushions? I want to scatter them all over the house. The more the merrier. The more the comfier.

When I went into Homesense a few weeks ago, I saw the fluffy cushion you see above but in the most stunning blush pink colour. I’m a cliché, I know. I couldn’t find them this time and I was a little heartbroken, but they had them in every colour under the sun and I need them ALL.

Candles for days

A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia
A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia

If there’s one thing I can’t leave a Homesense store without (or a TK Maxx store for that matter), it’s at least one candle. They just have such a great selection and it’s so cheap!

I’ve currently got my eye on the ‘peony rose blend’ candle you see above – it was the PERFECT Spring/Summer scent. I also love how the candles are colour co-ordinated. It makes my brain happy.

All the colourful crockery

A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia
A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia

I can’t think of a time I would ever need so many bowls, but I wanted to swipe this whole shelf into my basket. I have this thing with mismatched crockery? Bowls, mugs and plates that don’t match.

I also love a really big mug. One that you can practically hug when it’s cold outside and you’re cuddled up under a blanket reading a book. They had a HUGE orange Scion mug (you know the ones with the cute li’l fox pattern?) that I’m still dreaming about.

Summery bits and bobs

A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia
A mammoth Homesense wishlist | rhianna olivia

Since we had that heatwave last week, all I can think about is BBQs, cocktails, beer gardens, al fresco dining, suncream, summery playlists and birkenstocks. When we move out, I really want a garden (or at least some sort of outside area, I’d even be happy with a small balcony/patio) so we can have those big glass things with the taps on (what are they called??) filled with cucumber water. And BBQs. And cocktails from funky glasses with flamingos on them, or ones that are shaped like pineapples.

I’m basic and proud. Sue me.

So, in short, my mammoth Homesense wishlist is basically “I want to buy the whole shop”. And, to be honest, one day I think I will do just that.

*This post was written in collaboration with Homesense, however I take all responsibility for all the money you’re probably gonna spend on homewares now because all words, photos and A+ homeware picks were my own. You’re welcome. (Please read my full disclaimer for more information).



  1. 5th July 2017 / 7:21 am

    I’m hoping to move out of my family home very soon & I recently stumbled into Homesense, which was amazing but very dangerous for my bank account. They have such lovely homeware, I’ve got a list of things I plan on going back to buy. Maybe a couple more added after reading about your picks🙈 X

  2. Chloe Thomas
    28th June 2017 / 5:37 pm

    I’ve wanted stuff from Homesense for so long, I’m so tempted to pick up some bits! Thanks so much for this post, lovely. The photos are absolutely incredible!

    Chloe | chloetommo.co.uk

  3. Claire Cavanagh
    28th June 2017 / 1:46 pm

    I always see people with such lovely things from Homesense, I really need to track one down!

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  4. 28th June 2017 / 9:45 am

    Oooh my daaays every single thing is so beautiful! I LOVE those bowls, I need to replace my plain white Sainsbury’s ones STAT. I *think* they are called a dispenser or summin’, I could be wrong! But still, having one of them filled with Pimm’s would go down a RIGHT treat. Immy x