Glossier Solution: I jumped on the hype and now I regret it

Glossier Solution | Rhianna Olivia

When it comes to skincare, I’m not usually one to jump on bandwagons based solely on hype. I have oily skin that is incredibly prone to breakouts and is also quite sensitive. All this put together means I have a very specific skincare routine that took years to perfect. So, why did I jump on the Glossier Solution bandwagon?

Hype. And I’m a little annoyed at myself to admit that.

The Glossier Solution promises to “transform the skin in 4 weeks”. “With daily use, expect a reduction in the appearance of redness, blemishes, and pore size”. Which, as our skincare lord and savior Caroline Hirons taught us, is a bullshit claim. What’s the rhyme again? Pores aren’t doors?

Now, before I get into this, I just want to say how much I love Glossier. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried (other than the solution) and I genuinely do love their products on the whole. Which is another reason this product disappointed me so much.

I saw a big buzz around the product, people saying how much better their skin was because of it and praising it’s formula as if it had been made by a literal higher power. I was curious. Especially seeing as I already use Pixi’s Glow Tonic religiously and the formulas seemed quite similar at first glance. Why not give it a shot? I’ve tried some other Glossier products that have totally stolen me away from my previous faves (here’s looking at you, boy brow) so I was curious to see if the Solution would be any different.

What is Glossier Solution?

Glossier Solution is an acid toner. Acid toners gently exfoliate the skin (daily) and remove the very top surface of *stuff* on your skin. They leave it clean, fresh and also allow anything you follow the toner with to penetrate the skin much easier. 10/10 would recommend adding one to your skincare routine.

First impressions

My first impressions were mixed. One huge positive was the packaging – I LOVE liquid products that have one of those ‘press down and dispense’ pumps. It just makes application so much easier than a standard bottle. Also it’s as beautiful to look and wonderfully packaged at as all Glossier products are.

Upon first application, I was not loving the smell. It smells incredibly alcoholic/acidic, although I was hardly surprised seeing as that’s pretty much what the product is. Acid. And it definitely didn’t put me off too much – I was just expecting something less harsh seeing as the product is fragranced (something I’m not usually a big fan of).

Other than that, I liked it. Although there’s nothing not to like about a product like this on first application in my opinion.

After a few weeks

After using it once a day, as instructed, for about 3 weeks, I noticed no difference. I mean, I already used and adored Pixi’s Glow Tonic so it’s safe to say I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I was expecting *something*. I’d soon come to the conclusion I’d use up the Solution, then go back to Glow Tonic purely because it’s cheaper and they seemed to do exactly the same thing.

After another week or so, however, it couldn’t be more of a different story.

Glossier Solution | Rhianna Olivia
Glossier Solution | Rhianna Olivia

How my skin reacted

I gradually started getting a few spots. Now, I want to stress this is not abnormal for me. I was due on my period and 9 times out of 10 I get hormonal breakouts around my period, so I just put it down to that and continued to use the Solution as normal.

Within another few days, more and more spots started to appear. But they weren’t like my normal breakouts. The spots were more tender and were more like sore lumps than actual, definable spots. I also started getting red, inflamed patches around my nose and on my cheeks.

On top of that, usually, if I get a breakout, it will solely stick to my t-zone. Maybe one on my jaw if I’m particularly unlucky that month. But then I woke up with two huge, incredibly sore spots right in the middle of my cheek. So sore I could barely go near them. After cleansing the area really gently, they both opened and my entire cheek was raw. Honestly, it was hideous.

That’s when I decided to sit down and figure out what was causing this over-the-top breakout, and the only external factor I’d changed was swapping to the Glossier Solution.

It’s only been 2 days since I switched back to Glow Tonic and my skin already feels less irritated and the breakout is healing.

I’ve learned my lesson about jumping on hypes

I never bought skincare products without at least a small bit of research before, and I’m not going to do it again. The next time there’s a hyped up product, I’m going to research into it before adding it to my basket.

And I do want to stress, just because I reacted badly to the product does not mean you will. But just be wary and research into products before you buy them. Especially if you have problem/sensitive skin like me. I’m just grateful I bought the Glossier Solution with store credit rather than actual money, so I feel less guilty about getting rid of an almost-full bottle…

And if you want to read a review from someone who knows what they’re talking about, I highly recommend this post from Caroline Hirons. She explains how and why the product isn’t the best acid toner out there perfectly.

And if you DO want to buy any Glossier products (because, believe me, some are seriously great – I especially recommend the milky jelly cleanser, boy brow, cloud paints and any shade of the generation g) click here to get 10% off! (Full disclaimer: I also get store credit when you use this link so ty in advance if you use it! The 10% off automatically applies at the checkout, just FYI.)