Friday at Download Festival 2015: Vlog

Download Festival 2015 vlog | robowecop

IT’S BACK! After such an amazing response to last year’s Download Festival 2014 vlogs, I just had to do it again. (Hopefully this time more successfully after I managed to corrupt all the files from Saturday last year, resulting in only 2 vlogs!) Another crazy thing is that these Download Festival 2015 vlogs sort of mark the first anniversary of my YouTube channel. The 2014 vlogs are the first videos on my channel (I deleted the first one from embarrassment!) and it’s mental to think I’ve done this for a whole year now. Here’s to another! You can watch the 2014 vlogs here and here.

Download Festival 2015 was by far my favourite year. I can’t even really explain why because it wasn’t the best weather, it wasn’t the best line-up I’ve attended and yet it was just such an amazing weekend. I think it helps that after enjoying 2014 so much, the excitement built up for 2015 was so huge and the festival really lived up to it. Kudos to Andy Copping (who we MET IN PERSON by the way!?!) for such an amazing selection of bands.

It helps that Download is my favourite festival, the people are so nice and the acts are always so amazing and to top that the festival itself is just so well organised and the staff are all so considerate it just feels like a giant family. (In comparison to Leeds Fest that has unfortunately, as of recent, become a place for pissed up ‘LADZ’ to congregate and irritate people who are actually there for the music. This isn’t Magaluf, go home.)

Friday saw us seeing Lacuna Coil, Modestep, Thunder, Five Finger Death Punch, Thunder, Black Stone Cherry, Judas Priest, Fightstar, Young Guns and Slipknot (and probably others I’ve missed). Surprisingly enough, Young Guns were my highlight of the day! I think I was most disappointed with Slipknot, not because they weren’t good – they were absolutely mind blowing – but because I don’t LOVE them anyway, so missing most of their singles wasn’t great for me. They, sadly, aren’t a band that I think you can enjoy if you don’t know/like them very much, but actual quality wise and stage show wise I couldn’t fault them – absolutely amazing.

Anyway, you can watch through our day in my vlog below. Enjoy! And keep your eyes peeled for days two and three coming later in the week!

Were you at Download this year? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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