That time I forgot to pack half my clothes for Download Festival

That time I forgot to pack half my clothes for Download Festival | rhianna olivia

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll have seen all the coverage of this year’s Download Festival. I mean, I was hardly quiet about it. And, if you saw all that, chances are you heard the story of my ridiculous fashion faux pas.

If you didn’t hear, then let me break it down for you: I’m a total knob.

We were about 0.2 seconds away from getting on our train when Joe suddenly looked at me and said “did you remember to pack your shorts?”


When we were clearing out our wardrobes a few weeks prior, I’d put my 2 (and only) pairs of shorts in one of Joe’s drawers because 1. my drawers were too full of crap and 2. we didn’t have enough pants hangers in the wardrobe. This was an astonishingly bad idea because as soon as they went in that drawer I completely forgot they existed and also completely forgot to pack them for Download.

D’oh again.

So, I was stuck with 2 outfits. One being a dress, which I was planning on wearing that day when we got there, the second being the outfit I was travelling in: jeans and a t-shirt. I was then stuck with 2 problems. One being the weather, which was absolutely roasting hot and I would not have coped in jeans, the second being the jeans themselves and how (combined with my l’il chunky calves) I wasn’t sure my wellies would actually fit over them.

D’oh a third time.

Luckily, Joe had the fantastic idea of making a cheeky ASOS order. We stay in a hotel for Download Festival, partly because I’m not allowed to camp (bad back) but mostly because I absolutely cannot stand camping. Don’t @ me. So, when we’d made it to the hotel after THE most horrendous journey (that’s another story for another day), I bought 2 pairs of shorts on ASOS to be shipped to the hotel the next day, stuck on the dress I’d actually remembered and made our way to the festival.

It dawned on me that, even though it was next day delivery on the shorts, we’d probably already be at the festival on the Saturday by the time they arrived. Leaving me in the same predicament as not having them at all. (Except, at least I’d have something to wear on Sunday). This is when I remembered that, because of us staying in a hotel as part of a Download package deal, we got a goody bag. Inside that goody bag was a Download t-shirt that I’d asked for in a XXL so I could wear it like a nightie.

*Brain wave*

I ended up wearing said massively oversized tee as a dress on the Saturday and I looked INCRED. (If I do say so myself). Combined with the wellies, a denim jacket and my newly pink hair, I felt so damn cool. And, if I’m honest, a little proud of myself. I’ve always been a little conscious of my figure meaning I look a bit like a tent if I wear anything that doesn’t have a waist. But I rocked this outfit with the confidence of a god damn model and I absolutely slayed.

This is not the end of the story.

We got back to the hotel on the Saturday night, went up to bed and I picked up my parcel on Sunday morning after breakfast. I did my makeup and hair, got ready to stick the shorts on and be on our way, and they didn’t fit.

They wouldn’t even button up.

The ASOS shorts I’d bought a size or two bigger than my ASOS jeans wouldn’t even button up because SIZING IS SUCH A DAMN NIGHTMARE.

After having a little meltdown because I literally didn’t have any other clothes to wear, I decided to iron the (probably v sweaty) tee I wore the day before, spray deodorant all over it and wear it for a second day in a row. And you know what? I rocked it a second time round.

At the end of the day, it was a festival. I can guarantee I was not the only person there in less-than-fresh clothing and I looked amazing whilst doing it.

That weekend I learned a very valuable lesson in going with the flow. I learned not to care, I learned to improvise when it was needed, I learned to just roll with life and take it one step at a time. And I think they’re very important lessons to learn. Especially as someone who is a serial planner, a severe stress-head and someone who very much does not enjoy things straying from the path I’d planned.

I hate to say it, but you only live once. (Oh god, I just threw up in my mouth a little.) If something as simple as a few planned outfits don’t go to plan, it’s not the end of the world. Improvise, roll with it and laugh about it later. Because I can guarantee nobody else will give a shit if you wear the same clothes at a festival two days in a row.

(Also, trust your gut. Because I was going to get that t-shirt in a M instead of an XXL and then I would have been royally screwed…)



  1. Melissa ♥
    2nd August 2017 / 10:24 am

    You looked so bloody cool! Well done for being a smart cookie! I probs would’ve just had a meltdown and rocked in the corner of the room….!
    Melissa x

  2. 27th July 2017 / 4:25 pm

    You look wicked! I did this at reading (10 years ago, god that makes me feel old AF) – forgot half my outfits and fell in the mud on the first night ruining what little I’d bought with me… after weeks of carefully what I’d wear each day and totally stressing about what to pack I suddenly forgot to care and still had an amazing time! made me learn not to take the ‘festival fashion’ pressure so seriously! x

  3. Kim
    4th July 2017 / 9:52 pm

    You look awesome in your t-shirt/ dress, such a great idea! I’m going to my first download next year and may have to steal your idea. ;-)

  4. 3rd July 2017 / 2:50 pm

    You looked absolutely amazing in the download Tshirt/makeshift dress! It really suits you and the jacket and wellies really look good together x

  5. ramblingmads
    2nd July 2017 / 2:49 pm

    You look absolutely festival ready dressed in that t-shirt. Love it.

  6. Louise
    30th June 2017 / 3:57 pm

    Hahaha I love this post. An oversized dress always works well as a t-shirt – plus at a festival, you want a real laid back vibe ;) x

  7. 30th June 2017 / 1:43 pm

    Hahaha! Oh my gosh, I would have been mega stressed were I in your shoes! You handled the situation so well, though, and you totally rocked your improvised outfit. x x

  8. 29th June 2017 / 9:03 pm

    Rihanna I love this!!! I followed along on Insta & really felt when you had the shorts drama!! 🙈🙊
    But you most definitely rocked it & like you said who cares at a festival – or in life?!
    Rock on Rhi!!
    Love Sarah xoxoxo

  9. 29th June 2017 / 4:29 pm

    You look bloody divine! It definitely goes with the festival vibe anyway and looks so good with the denim jacket. (also, sizing IS a nightmare I agree)
    Sophie x

  10. Tarryn B
    29th June 2017 / 12:07 pm

    This is precisely why I hate shopping. I was trying to explain to my bf why jeans shopping is a nightmare. He can’t understand why sizing would differ so drastically within the same range, let alone an entire label. Not to mention the fact that when this happens, self esteem goes out the window. Sigh. Glad you rocked it!

  11. 29th June 2017 / 10:02 am

    You are the actual hottest. Fucking love everything about this post. Going with the flow is definitely the secret to successful festival-ing!

    Lis / last year’s girl x

  12. 29th June 2017 / 9:29 am

    I think you looked bloody amazing, festival fashion is all about enjoying yourself so rock it gal!
    Bee xxx