Finding a new signature scent with John Lewis

Finding a new signature scent with John Lewis | rhianna oliviaI’ve always been a bit of a perfume addict. I currently have about 5/6 bottles on the go because I like to mix up my scents depending on my mood (not that I’m high maintenance or anything…) and my plans.

That said, I always find myself going back to my two main signature scents – Black Opium by YSL and Alien by Thierry Mugler.

A few weeks ago, an email landed in my inbox from the guys at John Lewis. It explained they were running a signature scents feature helping people mix up their perfume choices in an attempt to maybe switch up their scent. I’m sure we all know the feeling of wearing the same scent so long you stop being able to smell it. I love it when I find a new perfume and I can still smell it after longer than a few hours.

Anyway, I told John Lewis my two signature scents and let their experts work their magics. On the basis of my love of Black Opium and Alien, they decided on a new perfume they thought I’d love.

And the results? Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.

And do I love it? Holy hell YES.

Finding a new signature scent with John Lewis | rhianna olivia
Finding a new signature scent with John Lewis | rhianna olivia

Here’s the reasoning John Lewis’ perfume experts gave for their decision:

“Both of your favourite fragrances are bold, seductive scents. One of my all time favourite fragrances is Tom Ford’s Black Orchid EDP which is equally, if not more distinctive, impactful juice. This is a strong, warm spicy fragrance that is also deliciously sweet. It cannot fail to make a lasting impact on anyone who smells it, and has great staying power. It’s packed full of exotic, sensual notes such as Jasmine, Lotus Wood and Vanilla, which combined create a truly unique fragrance that cannot fail but make a lasting impression.”

I never would have picked up a Tom Ford fragrance unless pushed towards one, purely because of the price. But oh wow you guys, this perfume is just so ME and I absolutely adore it.

It’s unlike anything I’ve tried before because the scent is so deep. As much as it’s sweet, it also has a really deep, warm spice to it. If you can be addicted to a perfume, that’s what I am.

If you’re thinking of switching up your signature scent, I’d definitely recommend it. As much as I’ll probably keep going back to Black Opium and Alien, it’s nice to be able to properly smell and appreciate a signature perfume again. Check out the perfumes John Lewis have on offer here for some inspiration!

Finding a new signature scent with John Lewis | rhianna olivia

*John Lewis kindly sent me the Tom Ford perfume in exchange for blog coverage of their signature scents feature. All opinions and perfume obsession is my own. Please read my full disclaimer for more information.