While blogging is not my full time job, it’s still a source of income for me (honestly, just pinch me). I know sometimes ~blogger lingo~ when it comes to declarations can be a little confusing, so I wanted to break it down for you!

sponsored blog posts

If I have been paid (dolla dolla bills yo) to produce content for this blog, you'll see a big fat 'AD' in the title, and a disclaimer at the beginning of the post declaring the paid partnership.

sponsored social media content

If I've received cash money for a sponsored Instagram post, Tweet or Facebook post, you'll see 'AD' at the beginning of the caption. If it's a paid Instagram Story, it will also clearly be labelled with 'AD'.

gifted Items, experiences and press trips

Whether in blog post or social media form, I'll always clearly declare when an experience or product has been gifted. There are two ways I'll go about this, depending on the kind of content I produce:

- If an item/experience has been gifted to me with no obligation to post about it (aka, I received a product/experience for free but am only telling you about it because I really love it - the sender hasn't sent it to me in exchange for a specific post), you will clearly see 'AD - GIFTED' at the beginning of the post/caption. In a blog post, any link or mention of a gifted item will also be marked 'AD - GIFTED'.

- If an item/experience has been gifted to me with a specific agreement to post about it, it will be marked AD. This is because, under ASA guidelines, a gift with obligation/agreement to post is considered content in exchange for payment. It doesn't necessarily mean I've received money for the post, but the gift itself is considered payment.

previous brand relationships

If I mention a brand in some content that isn't sponsored or gifted, just regular content, I'll let you know if I've worked with them on a sponsored/gifting basis within the last year!

affiliate links

Like a lot of bloggers, I occasionally use affiliate links to monetize my site. This means if you buy something through one of those links, I receive a tiny percentage of what you spend at no extra cost to yourself.

Not all links are affiliate, just some. You'll know which are affiliate links, because they'll be clearly marked 'AD - Affiliate'.

If you have any other questions about how I make money from my blog/social media and how that affects you, click here to shoot me an email!