6 bands to see at Slam Dunk 2018

Snapshots from Slam Dunk 2017 | rhianna olivia

It’s almost the best day of the year. It’s almost Slam Dunk. To say January lasted 10 years, February-May has lasted about 10 seconds amirite? It feels like 2 seconds since I was writing about Slam Dunk Festival last year, and wow has a lot changed in those 12 months. But, that’s a story for another time.

(This is my 9th Slam Dunk in a row, but if this is your first year attending Slam Dunk, Joe wrote an A+ guide to the festival just FYI!)

I think Slam Dunk 2018 is possibly one of my favourite ever Slam Dunk lineups. But I’ve tried to narrow down my list of bands to see as much as possible, otherwise I’d be here for hours. So, lets get into it shall we?

taking back sunday

My boys need to have the first mention. If you didn’t already know, I am a MASSIVE Taking Back Sunday fan, and their ~sound~ lends itself so well to the inevitable Slam Dunk sunshine. I’m always at my happiest when listening to Taking Back Sunday with a beer in hand and warmth of the the sun on my skin. If you’ve never seen them live, now is the time. I promise you won’t regret it!

Track to listen to: Better Homes And Gardens

frank carter & the rattlesnakes

Who doesn’t love a bit of Frank Carter? I was admittedly never a huge fan of Gallows, but was a big lover of Pure Love when they were around. In fact, they were probably one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen! I saw Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes for the first time at Leeds Festival 2017 and WOW. I’m super excited to catch their set at Slam Dunk this year. The perfect injection of gritty punk amongst some of the more polished sounding bands of the day.

Track to listen to: Snake Eyes

Snapshots from Slam Dunk 2017 | rhianna olivia

knuckle puck

I first saw Knuckle Puck at Download 2017, so they’ve not been on my radar that long. They’re one of those bands that I have a good feeling about – I really feel like they could go places. I’d describe their style as good, classic pop-punk and they make me nostalgic for my youth even though I’ve only been listening to them a year or so. 10/10 would recommend!

Track to listen to: Gone

the audition

THE AUDITION ARE BACK. YOU GUYS. THEY’RE BACK. The 15 year old inside me is literally screaming right now. I was such a massive fan of The Audition back in the day, I was absolutely gutted when they went silent. The last time I saw The Audition was Slam Dunk 2012 and I am so ready to lose my shit (and my voice) at Slam Dunk 2018. Legit so happy they’re back!

Track to listen to: Lawyers

state champs

State Champs have nailed that 2007 pop-punk sound so well, it makes me sad they weren’t actually around at that time. Honestly, I can’t recommend these guys enough. They are what American pop-punk is to me. I’m really struggling to write anything about them other than “they’re great. Listen to them” to be honest with you. If you like that American, mid-late 00s pop-punk sound, you’re going to love them.

Track to listen to: Secrets

Jimmy eat world

I’m going to be honest here and say I’m not a massive Jimmy Eat World fan in general. (I know, I know). But, even though I don’t really listen to them on my own time, they are SO GOOD LIVE. Such amazing quality, so fun, just so good! And I know I’m in the minority of Slam Dunk attendees who don’t love them, so I’m here to say even if you aren’t a fan of Jimmy Eat World, I’d 100% recommend heading over and giving them a watch.

Track to listen to: Bleed American

Snapshots from Slam Dunk 2017 | rhianna olivia

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Slam Dunk will be taking over Leeds, Hatfield and Birmingham over the May Bank Holiday weekend, check their website to pick up tickets.

And I know I’ve already said it, but please definitely come say hi if you see me at Slam Dunk North!

*I’m attending Slam Dunk Festival as press in return for pre and post-festival coverage. All photos, words and opinions are my own.