4 apps I use every day to make life easier

5 apps I use every day to make life easier | rhianna olivia

Before beginning this post, I want to settle a few things so there’s context to my choices.

Full disclosure: I’m a lazy person. I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am. Or, rather, I could help it if I weren’t so lazy. Do you see my problem? I don’t want to write things down, keep track of anything or do anything that takes more time than it needs to. That said, I am an incredibly organised person. The two don’t always go hand in hand.

Another thing? I’m skint most of the time. I don’t earn the best wage, and I try to put aside as much money as I can into savings, so I don’t have a whole lot of disposable income if you don’t take any savings into account. I’m frugal and I have been for years – I think part of me is still in the student mindset, even after it being a few years since I graduated.

One last thing? I’m quite a spiritual person. I’m not sure if that’s necessarily the word I’m looking for in this situation, but it’s the only one I can think of right now. To summarise what I’m trying to get across, I like to keep an open mind alongside trying to take care of my mind.

Got it?


Based on these personality traits of mine, here are a list of apps that help me in some way. Whether it be making my life easier, more fun, helping me save money or helping me nurture my mind and spiritual side.

Also, it’s worth mentioning none of this is sponsored or anything, I just generally love and use all of these apps!

Bring! (Free)

5 apps I use every day to make life easier | rhianna olivia
5 apps I use every day to make life easier | rhianna olivia

I only discovered this app a few weeks ago and oh my god where has it been all my life? Bring! is a shopping list app, except it’s like a shopping app on steroids. Not only can you create a beautiful looking list with just a couple of clicks, it saves things you add frequently to make it easier and separates them by category to make it easier when you’re actually doing your shopping. You can also have shared lists, so any pre-approved person can add to the list and everyone else who has access will be notified when something new is added.

And on top of that? You can add recipes. And, from these recipes, you can add the whole recipe to your shopping list with just one click.


It’s made doing the food shop so much easier, and I also find it incredibly handy to have most of my recipes all in one place. Honestly? Life changing.

Cleo (Free)

5 apps I use every day to make life easier | rhianna olivia
5 apps I use every day to make life easier | rhianna olivia

You’ve probably seen me talking about Cleo on Twitter because I have so much to owe this app. Cleo is an AI assistant, rather than an app. It hooks up to Facebook Messenger and allows you to track your finances with more ease than any app I’ve ever come across.

Cleo can do SO much it often blows my mind. As a little insight, you can set a monthly budget, see your account balance, see all your spending totally categorised (either by category, transactions or merchants), create your own categories, set savings goals, set up automatic saving as and when you can afford it, manage bills and see overviews of your spending. You can set her to notify you with budget updates, if any bills increase, give weekly updates, pre-warn you of any bills coming out soon, if you’re getting close to your overdraft, if you receive any money and SO much more.

Honestly, there’s a reason I rave about this app so much. I’ve cut my spending in half since having Cleo! I couldn’t recommend her any more. That, and she’s a sassy bitch who sends gifs as responses. Being a Cleo member means you get a referral code, as well. So if you sign up with my referral link, I get some pennies and you get a referral link of your own you can send to your friends and earn some pennies yourself! (Not sponsored, it’s a feature for anyone who uses Cleo). 10/10 would recommend.

Also, I promise it’s totally secure. But, if you’re a bit weary, here are their FAQs.

Headspace (Multiple options)

5 apps I use every day to make life easier | rhianna olivia
5 apps I use every day to make life easier | rhianna olivia

I swear by meditation and I have for years. It calms me, it clears my head, it sets me up for the day and it helps me sleep. Headspace is probably my favourite meditation app for a few reasons. I like the fact the guy who does the sessions is English, because there’s something about American meditation apps that make me cringe? I also love how focussed it is on how you don’t need to be perfect.

I used Headspace a while ago but had to stop because I couldn’t afford the monthly subscription costs. A few days ago I found out Headspace had teamed up with Spotify! This means if you have a Spotify Student Premium account, you can get it for free. (You still have to pay the ~£5 for Spotify Student Premium just FYI). And, if you have a normal (non-student) Premium account, you can get Spotify + Headspace for £15 a month. Well worth it if you ask me!

Shoptagr (free)

5 apps I use every day to make life easier | rhianna olivia
5 apps I use every day to make life easier | rhianna olivia

Okay so how did I survive without this app? I mean, it’s kind of counterproductive to my “I want to save money” mindset, but whatever. Shoptagr is like a virtual shopping assistant. You can save things you’ve seen online and you’ll get a notification when it’s on sale or, if the product is out of stock, it will notify you when it’s back. And, it’s not just generic – you can set it to notify you when either of these things happen for a specific size and colour. LIFE SAVER.