30 life lessons all university students will learn

30 life lessons all university students will learnIn less than a week it is the last ever deadline I will have in my University life. In just a couple of months I will be donning a cap and gown and graduating with what I hope to be a good degree. As a sort of light hearted post to get me through the last hurdle of this deadline and a way to reminisce over the last 4 years of University, I’ve compiled a list of 30 life lessons all university students will learn during their time as students.

1 // Having no money is shit. But it happens and you can definitely cope.

2 // Primark handbags won’t last. The straps will break after a few weeks of use and you will have to carry it home in the most awkward fashion ever.

3 // Back up your laptop FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

4 // Wilkinsons and Poundland are two very underrated shops. Especially for branded stuff.

5 // Make birthday presents for people or people won’t get birthday presents.

6 // Fringes do not work on a night out. They WILL get greasy and you WILL look horrendous in any photos from any of those sneaky ninja club photographers.

7 // No matter how many times you say you’re going to stop drinking, you won’t. (Even after you’re escorted home in an ambulance). Don’t kid yourself.

8 // Netflix can and will ruin your chance at a first class degree.

9 // Always have spare loo roll stashed somewhere just in case. Always.

10 // At the start of every year you’ll say you’re going to do all work on time. You may even genuinley believe you’re going to do it. But you won’t.

11 // You will gain weight no matter how healthy you try to be. Late night takeaways and booze are not friends of your figure.

12 // It’s sort of (not at all) nice and sort of (extremely) sad when you’re on first name basis with the guy who runs the takeaway across the road.

13 // Make the most of a full fridge when you’re on a trip home, it’s glorious. And it’s all free.

14 // Hot water bottles are the best things you’ll ever own. Especially when you’ve spent the money that should go on heating bills on cheap wine.

15 // How do you even work a boiler, anyway? Does anyone really need to know? Isn’t that what plumbers are for?

16 // Cheap wine gets better the more you drink it. Persevere and it will pay off.

17 // Going out 5 nights a week is strictly for freshers. Going to the library 5 nights a week and crying about your dissertation is strictly for final years. Both are totally acceptable.

18 // Fruit is expensive and goes off quickly. You’ll probably buy digestives instead anyway.

19 // It is possible to get bored of nights out, and it is okay. House parties are better anyway.

20 // All-nighters are never a good idea. Never. Not once. You will feel like you’re going to throw up, have a heart attack and pass out all at once.

21 // If you don’t have a car, it is great to live with someone who does. Lugging 10 bags of shopping home, up a hill, is not fun.

22 // Watching too much F.R.I.E.N.D.S. isn’t possible and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

23 // Student loan day is the best day ever.

24 // Rent day is the worst.

25 // Good friends don’t necessarily make good house mates. Especially when you’ve only known them for a few months before you sign the contract.

26 // When in doubt – Super Noodles. Or beans on toast. Or Heinz soup. (You get the idea.)

27 // The photo on your student card will be terrible and you will have to live with seeing it every day for at least 3 years.

28 // Never go shopping whilst you’re stressed/tired/hungry. You will come away with a fridge full of cheesestrings, chocolate milk and muller corners but nothing to actually sustain you.

29 // It’s 100% okay to get excited that things you would before have found boring (washing up liquid, Mr. Sheen, Persil Non Bio) are on offer at Tesco.

30 // You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to (including that dissertation deadline) with a bit of coffee/tea/redbull/vodka, even if at the time you’re a mess of tears, sweat and probably blood.

What life lessons did you learn during your time at University? Let me know in the comments!


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