10 bands not to miss at Slam Dunk Festival 2016

Slam Dunk Festival 2016 | robowecopI bloody love May. My birthday is in May, Eurovision is in May (yes, I’m actually being 100% serious) and, most importantly, Slam Dunk Festival is in May. And this year will be my 7th year in a row attending Slam Dunk Festival.

You all know how much I love music, especially live music. Especially festivals. (I usually vlog Download Festival but sadly won’t be going this year *cries*). Slam Dunk Festival is one of my favourite festivals of the year because not only did it start in Leeds but it always marks the beginning of festival season for me.

For those of you who don’t know, Slam Dunk is a day festival that hits up several cities in the UK over the May bank holiday weekend. Think alternative, punk, rock, pop-punk and hardcore music just to name a few genres – definitely my scene.

To build up some excitement (for you guys, but mostly for me), I’ve got 10 bands I’m incredibly excited to see and that I think you can’t miss if you’re heading to any of the dates this year.

Moose Blood

The first time I saw Moose Blood they were supporting Fightstar and something really stood out about them. At Slam Dunk last year they headlined the Fresh Blood Stage and we couldn’t actually make it in to see them because it was so packed – always a good sign, if you ask me. They’re getting ready to release their second album and they’re just one of those bands that you know are going to go places – so get in and see them whilst they’re the size they are!

Young Guns

Young Guns are one of those bands I can never miss. I remember back when they brought out their first EP, Mirrors, and I just thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. I was obsessed! Since then they’ve done a couple of albums I’ve not been overly in love with, but they always put on such an amazing show. And their most recent album, Ones and Zeros, was one of my albums of the year in 2015 so I’m super excited to see them tear up the stage again.

Mayday Parade

Oh, Mayday Parade how I love thee. A Lesson In Romantics was the soundtrack to my teen years and the love I have for that album is never ending. Their most recent release, Black Lines, is one of my favourite albums of all time – they flawlessly took the best from old-school Mayday Parade and blended it with a much more grown-up sound and I adore it. (Joe reviewed this album and summed up my exact thoughts, just FYI!) I can’t wait to see them again and hear my favourite tracks from the new album alongside feeling 15 again singing along to some classics.


I’ve never seen Yellowcard live and honestly? I was never as massively into them as I was with some of the other bands mentioned in this list. But even I can’t deny how iconic they are as a band. And on top of that, they’re playing their most significant album, Ocean Avenue, in full. Even if you’re a (very, very) casual listener, I think that’s an obvious must-see.


I feel like Dead! get quite a bit of stick in the industry, although that may be because I’m a huge fan of the That’s Not Metal podcast and they, rather vocally, dislike them as a band. But, having listened to them and instantly enjoying everything I heard I’m super to see what they have to offer on stage.

Away Days

I would go as far as saying Blitz Kids were one of my favourite bands to ever exist. So, naturally, I was heartbroken when they broke up last year. 3 out of 4 of the Blitz Kids boys have started a new band called Away Days and from what I’ve heard so far it’s very promising. They’ve got a set on the acoustic stage at Slam Dunk this year so I’m incredibly eager to go check it out and see the lads again!

Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong are just one of those bands that it’s impossible to not enjoy them live. They have such a fantastic stage presence that, alongside the catchy riffs, has a somewhat infectious feel to it. One of those bands you can just enjoy with a beer in hand.


I first saw Creeper at Download 2015 and I have to admit, it took me a few songs to “get them”. When they first came on stage, I got a little bit of a The Horrors vibe and I was sceptical. But when I got into it, I absolutely loved it. And to say that I didn’t know one song and had such a good time really speaks volumes about their live quality. They’re adored by the industry and you can just tell they’re going to be absolutely massive.

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals have played at Slam Dunk quite a few times but I’ve never actually made it to see them because they always pack out the stages so much. Think Four Year Strong pop-punk but with a heavier edge. They’ve just reformed so if you want to catch them this year, get in there early because it’s gonna be a squeeze.

Panic! At The Disco

If you didn’t love Panic! At The Disco in the A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out era, I’m not sure I can be your friend. I am SO excited to see P!ATD I can’t even tell you. Their new album is an absolute banger as well (Joe also reviewed that one. You’re welcome.), so this is a similar situation to Mayday Parade for me – feeling nostalgic for my teen years whilst also getting to hear songs from one of my new favourite albums for the first time.

If you’re going to the Leeds date (AKA the original festival. AKA the best one. Just saying.) then leave me a comment/tweet/email/anything else and definitely come say hi if you see me!

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  1. 13th May 2016 / 1:25 pm

    I’m going to Slamdunk South, it’ll be my third year :D My Birthday is on the 31st so it’s like a Birthday treat being the day before! I’m a massive fan of Mayday Parade so I definitely won’t be missing them, I’m also looking forward to checking out some of the bands from this list though, thank you for sharing. P.S. Annual Eurovision parties were a regular occurrence in my house and I’m a big fan, this year has been a bit disappointing though xx

    Ioanna | hearting.co.uk

  2. Samantha Pinkie
    8th May 2016 / 10:57 am

    I love that Slam Dunk started in Leeds, which obviously makes it the best! I’m so out of the loop with music these days so this post is really helpful. I’ll be seeing Yellowcard and of course Panic! Less than 3 weeks to go. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  3. 7th May 2016 / 4:39 pm

    I can’t wait for Slam dunk! I’m going to the south one as I live in London, I’m sad they’ve moved it to the Monday it was always on the Sunday :( I’m so excited for four years strong, yellow card, set your goals, panic etc


  4. megsiobhan
    6th May 2016 / 11:22 am

    Sounds so awesome! Panic are one band I would LOVE to see live.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  5. Robyn Taylor
    6th May 2016 / 10:12 am

    OMG the amount of jealousy is unreal. I just love Panic so much and they’re a band I’ve never seen live!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn